Mission Statement

Foresite Labs is a center for entrepreneurial innovation.

Foresite Labs supports the next generation of healthcare entrepreneurs who are creating innovative companies that are transforming the way that we discover and develop new medicines, and the way that we deliver care to patients in need. Foresite Labs systematically uses the tools of data science to create companies in healthcare that connect true changes in patient outcomes to all of the activities that are needed to develop, design and deploy therapeutics.


Team members

Mohammed AlQuraishi, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Systems Biology, Columbia University

Alex Aravanis, MD, PhD

Chief Technology Office, Illumina

Paola Arlotta, PhD

Chair, Harvard Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology

George Golumbeski, PhD

Former Executive Vice President Business Development, Celgene

Jeff Huber

Vice-Chair, GRAIL (founding CEO of GRAIL, formerly SVP of Google and board member of Illumina)

June Lee, MD

Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder, President, Esker Therapeutics

Jennifer Listgarten, PhD

Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at University of California, Berkeley; Chan Zuckerberg Investigator

Calum MacRae, MD, PhD

Vice Chair, Scientific Innovation at the Department of Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Mathai Mammen, MD, PhD

Global Head of R&D, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, J&J

Steve Finkbeiner MD, PhD

Director, Taube/Koret Center for Neurodegenerative Disease Research at Gladstone

Ruslan Medzhitov, PhD

Sterling Professor of Immunobiology; Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Margaret Chu Moyer

Amgen’s Chemistry, Characterization, Technology group

Michael J. Sofia, PhD

Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Arbutus Biopharma, Inc.

Sarah Teichmann, FMedSci FRS

Head of Cellular Genetics and Senior Group Leader Wellcome Sanger Institute

Ramprasad Reddy Akavaram

Senior Data Infrastructure Engineer

Vikram Bajaj, PhD

Co-Founder & CEO

Lisa Bedford

Program Manager, Genomics Discovery

Alex Blocker, PhD

Head of Data Science

Frederick Dewey, MD

Head of Genomics Discovery

Guy Haskin Fernald, PhD

Staff Data Scientist

Brian Flanigan

Venture Partner

Katie Gammon

Executive Assistant

Emery T. Goossens, PhD

Senior Machine Learning Scientist

Chris Graves, PhD

Senior Data Scientist

Joshua Hoffman, PhD

Senior Scientist, Genomics Discovery

John Kim, PhD

Senior Bioinformatics Engineer

Gulum Kosova, PhD

Senior Scientist, Genomics Discovery

Matt Luminais

Director, New Ventures

Nuné Martiros, PhD

Associate, New Ventures

Cindy Mesaros

Head of Brand & People

Jonathan Packer, PhD

Senior Scientist, Genomics Discovery

Stephanie Pease

Executive Assistant

Kylie Reynolds

Head of Finance

Elise Ruark, PhD

Senior Product Manager, Data Science and Engineering

Damien Soghoian, PhD

Head of Strategy and Operations

Phyllis Solomon

General Counsel

Zach Sweeney, PhD

Venture Partner

Jim Tananbaum, MD


Mera Tilley, PhD

Senior Director, Genomics Discovery

Aqila Zafar

Program Manager, Operations

Team Member