Incubation platform

Dismantling barriers to innovation

We believe that by bringing the tools of data science together with innovative experimental techniques we can greatly accelerate the cycle of “observation-intervention-outcome”. We deploy our team and platform to speed time to market for our incubated companies.

01. People

Building an ecosystem of visionary entrepreneurs

We partner with visionary entrepreneurs to accelerate healthcare innovation. Our goal is to dramatically reduce the barriers for these entrepreneurs to test their ideas. We are also creating an ecosystem that will allow our companies and strategic partners to collaboratively undertake big projects that they would never complete alone.

02. Capabilities

Applying technology to the world’s most complex problems

Our companies’ research lies at the forefront of modern high resolution experimental methods and the computational tools required to analyze them. Our scientists work as much behind the screen as behind the bench.

03. Data

World class research driven by reliable evidence

Few problems are solved by existing data alone, and most innovative companies will generate new data in the laboratory or the clinic. Often, the needed data sets are so large that no single company can generate them alone, necessitating collaboration. We are working across our portfolio to build these data resources and the tools needed to analyze them.